"Seraph's Descent" lyrics


"Seraph's Descent"

She reached her hand down to me
And in that moment I could barely see
She led me through tht trees and up the hill
A journey that started from the windowsill
She glanced at me and I could see her face
Skin so pale, eyes black as space
In a soft voice she began to tell
That she would take me to the place where I fell

Through the clearing I began to see
A barren wasteland in front of me
I looked for life but there was none
Then she said, "Look what you have done!"
In her face I could see the pain
Through her eyes I saw myself as Cain
I asked her now, "Where are we to go?"
"In all your wisdom I figured you should know"

"In the center lies a mountaintop"
"That's the point at which I must stop"
"You must continue up to the peak"
"It will be hard but you must not be weak"
"Once you're there, once you're at the top"
"Grasp the ledge and pull yourself back up"
I did exactly what the woman said
Through the window I no longer saw red

No red

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