"Straight From The Heart" lyrics


"Straight From The Heart"

All that I can say is that "Well be okay!"
We're gonna play some punk rock in the USA
We're gonna play it loud right from the start!
We're gonna tell the truth straight from the heart!
We never ever wanted to shock no one!
Yeah all we ever wanted was to have some fun!
Rock n' roll from the USA
The most loyal group of kids in the world today!
Psychos, Rockers, Punx and Skins!
We're all in this together!
We'll stand to the end!
Well, I can feel it now pumpin' inside my veins!
yeah i'll hold on tight and stand proud today!
Yeah a little rock n' rock will get me thru the night!
And on to work the next day but I feel alright!
We never set up to make a dime!
And we never asked you for your fuckin' time
We're gonna fight!, fight!, fight! Just to unite!
We'll never kill!, kill!, kill! We're gonna start a riot!
Our Brothers and Sisters will be standin' tall!
We'll fly our flag! We'll never fall!

Thanks to Mike Knowles for these lyrics

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