"The Old Die Young" lyrics


"The Old Die Young"

Moving on impatiently, but you're not here now
(I've seen the way you look at me, and it's changed somehow)
And there's distance in your smile
Ans from what I hear, it's been around for a while
How did you lose it?
But then again, how did you keep it for so long?

Finding love meant never growing old
And never doing what we're told
Growing up never meant giving up

And if you find her, tell her she was the best of you
And that I need her to come back home and see this through
Because the world we saw outside was never big enough for us
So when you find her, just let her know she's not alone

(Stay in a place where I can find you)
Painful is forgetting moments
How we fought so hard made us who we are

You gave up on everything you said you cared for
Everything I did was all for you
You'll never see the way you were, what I saw

When did you become so 'beautiful'?
You should know the girl I knew wouldn't go for it
No, the girl I knew didn't go for it

We never stopped the rain, we felt it
We would never care and you'd know that everytime we tried

You cut me off
And I'll never know why you cut me off
So suddenly
I can't sleep at all while you're lost
You cut me off, you cut me off, girl
(You gave up on everything you said you cared for)
(Everything I did was everything you need)
(Now everyone will see the truth)
(You need me)

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