"Never Fade Away" lyrics


"Never Fade Away"

This music means so much more to me
Than anything else the world contains
Smoke filled venues and back alleyways
That's where I'd wanna spend the rest of my days
Nickel wound strings, blood filled screams
What is nothing to you, means everything

No girls or booze can make me whole
My music and friends complete my soul
With every single fiber of my being
We will grow stronger than anything
So many fucking people will come and go
The fire we share will continue to grow

Time and time and time again
I've been helped up off my knees
By my friends
I know this feeling won't go away
We won't burn out
and we'll never fade away

In a world where nothing is worth a shit
I've got my friends and I'll deal with it
Take on every day and never give a fuck
So many fade away and fucking give up
I know in my heart why we're still here
This is something true, it's a violent affair

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