"The Chase" lyrics


"The Chase"

Like two hot knives to the eyes, I'm stricken...
Blinded. Let's face it, it's just out of my reach.
But still... I try and I try... It's pathetic, I know it.
Will you ever be mine? Will you ever be free,
I wonder as I walk these streets alone.

I dream of meeting in this pale glow.
I dream of a kiss, oh so baneful.
I dream of my contempt for the one who owns you.
I dream of an embrace...
Never letting go.

Leaves shatter at my feet, and I'm alone.
It's been almost a year and the ache still remains.
"Why were my lips sewn for so long?",
I wonder as the streetlights shine
and an outline is traced across my throat.

He laughs, as I cry for you.
I wonder, with burning eyes, would he die for you?
I scream in anguish! My arms sporting lines!
I drown in a sanguine pool... I am dying for you.

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