"Don't Bother Me Woman, I've Been Drinking With Skeletons!" lyrics


"Don't Bother Me Woman, I've Been Drinking With Skeletons!"

Her head was buried in my arms.
Limbs soaked with life and death, with no hint of regret.
"How did I ever let it get this far?"
A symphony of tangled screams, a painting of a broken night.

Cold life spread upon her face and hands.
"What delusional misinterpreting that brought him to an end!"
Epitaph and legacy strewn about the chamber floor...
A moment of orgasmic ecstasy, creating beauty in excoriation.

Foliage falls with thunder and breaks the night.
A warm life polish for your virgin knife.
A deluge of sorrow will break the nite.

They say she's buried in these walls.
One by one, she tore her limbs until all essence left her.
They wonder, "How did she ever let it go this far?"
A final moment of beauty, overshadowed by uncomprehension of the deed.

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