"Dead Men Tell No Tales, Ch. 7" lyrics


"Dead Men Tell No Tales, Ch. 7"

Well the flag did wave o'er the new disease
as we continued our suicide on the sea.
It was a quiet nite and souls all slept as we parted the unknown.
Up on the horizon crept a silent monolith.
Powder burnt the air, and men cried "So it begins!".

Exchange to exchange, death all we could smell...
We never gave up! We gave them hell!
Men gave final cries, never begged for their lives,
and were sent to Davey Jones.
"We've raped and ravaged and killed in cold blood,
and it's all caught up to me.
All I hope is that I'm remembered...
'Twas a pirate's life for me."

Raise the black sails, we're headed home with despair on our minds.
We'll lower the flag in memory of those lost and left behind.
Lost souls guide our way and sing their songs of misery.
So drink up me hearties to their bitter elegies.

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