"Sun And The Stars" lyrics


"Sun And The Stars"

I've been buried in shame, I can't see through it all
and all I'm hoping for is a little Q&A
So what happened to you, where have you been?
I'm thinking three years back, do you remember that?
Cause I remember us then, and I'd do everything for you.
Maybe I am lost inside my head; Maybe the truth will help me find my way.

Between the sun and the stars,
there is nothing that will keep us apart.
As the days without me
find a way into the back of your mind.
It's only time till sun and stars are perfect in line
Tonight, you'll be mine.

It's hard to make as judgement call,
when all I can do is pretend to be strong
Wake up disconnect, my heads feeling heavy
But it's all that I have left.
Please don't lose faith, I'm only years away
I'm just swimming through the stars
Cause I'd do everything for you.


Should I give up hope completely, can I see you now for one last time
Cause the sun and stars complete you, and the universe is your smile x2


Thanks to Shelbi for these lyrics

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