"Persecution Of Bellissima Morte" lyrics


"Persecution Of Bellissima Morte"

Caught at the front door with cellophane wrapped orders, flowers came well rehearsed to cut the tongue off at the word. And stripped you to the stem she burned your baby's breath; I come to make amends and call you out from bed. She pours the drinks, boy you caught a naughty girl. "What were you looking for?”, How about red wine girl, ice on the nightstand, and the pearls you call retro. I let the blood faucet down the shower. I merely am a video recorder on six-inch reel. Nice additions to collections. You pull the pin the needle that prick left in. Hard oak floors a vase off the counter, I'll clean it up and won't ask a question. So say you love me baby, till you need me baby. Pastel duct tape coordination dress, I turned away, but kept peeking in, so say you love me baby, you love that color scheming. I'm a good boy, I like good things, soda pops a nice porch and a tire swing. I'm a clean boy, I like clean things, I like clean girls in dirty magazines. I'm a good boy; I like good things, lingerie touch touch your limousine. I'm a clean boy; I like clean things, I jerking off to dirty memories. Left you legs up on back, left you in heart attacks, this is a mess, but "I like the mess." Strung you in perfect form like a beetle in kicking sores, but I must confess: I grabbed your hair in a ball form fist, then pinned my knees to your wrists, so say you love me baby, 'cause I have pictures, proof we exist. "I was once and will be missed" say you love me baby,” So pour the drinks boy" No, I like red wine girl, from sweet crystal in those glasses next to the vase in the living room.

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