"It All Started In The Hall..." lyrics


"It All Started In The Hall..."

It all started in the hall as a cover up, a white flash as a call
interrupted us all. Now my head is blank and efforts are fake,
you said I could draw you in any color or shape. The refused record
played loud blended and poured out all down the hall where the
party split out.

Smear the black of our make up to black bars and shake up. If this
is lying, give me crystal lenses on crystal islands.

Cause I don't like the crowds when the gather around, close the
door, muffle the sound, and take what I found. When we do it
it's electric, our body's electric, when we move when we move,
when I move it's electric.

She said, I never like that boy, I never liked that look in his
eye, the way he smiled in the gleam of the blue sky as it came
falling down. I never liked the way you lean against a locker, and
all that little conversation that you offer, and the way that you
push your hair to the side and it looks just like me, and the way
that you talk.

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