"Dear, This Is Desperate" lyrics


"Dear, This Is Desperate"

Trading glances, the attendants' valet. A lush he's so charming,
oh. London lighting, sweeping over me, she says, "pay attention".

He puts the slip in the drawer, waive down the cabby what for.
Please escort through the alley, no need for a score. The tabloid's
running the front page, the double speak became all the same. I
slip in better decor to a more comfort allure, these harlequin
hobbies have a pallet for more. Who are they who am I tonight,
believe all you hear all that gossip is so right.

Won't you lean onto my drunken slur, and listen to these decadent
words or get up (and get out. Come close as I rehearse.

What did they say? They said nothing to quell the crowd, but they
caught me reading from the page, you're all the same, the verse is
coming undone.

She read the note from the chest, split the was on the bed, finally
some follow through, in the mirror it read:

keep calm oh girl, everything is fine, it's fine.

When I get to the last stop, I'm moving to fast, single passenger
views were all that I had, so keep calm oh girl, and everything
will taste just like wine.

Keep calm, I can't, can't keep calm.

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