"Burn Me Up Like A Wax-Kissed Letter" lyrics


"Burn Me Up Like A Wax-Kissed Letter"

I don't need another lover, I got my hands all dirty covered,
dry heat, swallow me under, or burn it up like a wax-kissed letter.

I saw the gleam in your suitor tonight it goes... red ribbon rope
entwined. 3 piece and busy people walk around with sharpened needles,
I keep my 45's in the drawer. I met you for supper on a dirt
porch mom and pop store, well you caught me some charlatan hussy
heading out the door. I play it over and over again it goes....

So come on , come on, pretty girls in the magazine cut it out.
So come on, come on, as the gasoline keeps burning out.

I saw the gleam in your suitor tonight it goes...
"Oh Charlatan, does what she can"
I got to leave but I want to drive, it goes...
"Oh Charlatan, say where and when"
Red ribbon rope entwined.

Yeah! We're d.e.a.d. dead. Like a taunt something she said/leave me
cherry red.

Thanks to kadyanise for these lyrics

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