"Pink Rifles" lyrics


"Pink Rifles"

Well, if you're looking for a flag to wave
We can make it
Out of underwear strewn on the floor
I'll nail it to the bedroom door
And I'll lay claim
Or I'll lay you
Into the folds of our warmest blanket statements

It's war. No claim to the lands I've maimed
Got non-combatants who will dance and sing
"You've warred on a history ignored"
Such is the arrogance of backdoor rebels
Climbed through a Liberia for two
And even that was too small

So don't deny it
I know the bloodlust coursing through your eyes
Supplies rebel grounds between your thighs
And we're all tagged and bagged. There's one left to go
Into the folds of our warmest blanket statements

This soldier calls to attention
Hot turncoat grunts in dissension
All grace and tact of a car bomb
Boom, out the front gate
Bang, through the back door

Dropped arms, like, hours ago
That's got to mean something
Can't blame stray militants who just ain't for it
There's not talking to these damn heroes
What's on the radar? Hanging from the ramparts
Grinning like a winner: It's war

I'm humming Hall and Oates
And I'm thinking of nixon' and kissing' you
Whoa-oh look out boy here she comes

Polishing sabers I'd rather rattle
Got an eyeful, I know you're fit for battle
I'm standing by every threat I've made
That's how we deal with your kind these days
Not impervious to implied empire
Not oblivious to smoke from the home fires
Sun peeks through an open blind
No end to our homeland to find

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