"Princess Paranoia" lyrics


"Princess Paranoia"

Princess Paranoia never had no friends
just enemies to drive her to a bitter end
So she played a little game of lets pretend
Where she can be the tragic heroine

She kept the curtains closed and stayed inside
'Cause nasty neighbours have to criticise
She thinks their watching so she has to hide
and when she leaves it's always in disguise

Princess Paranoia all the worlds out to destroy her
Princess Paranoia she's so inferior

Talking on the telephone they listen in
they're gonna spoil it anyway so why begin
Been a loser so long that you'll never win
Everybody knows it and their all laughing

They invite her cause they want to hurt her
She thinks that everybody's looking at her
She'll always be persona non grata
A nobody who never reallty mattered

Princess Paranoia all the worlds out to exploit her
Princess Paranoia everyone avoids her

Too Fat,Too Thin,Too Short,Too Tall,Too Plain
Too Young,Too Old,Too Good,Too Big,Too Small

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