"Information Age" lyrics


"Information Age"

Their eyes are looking down on you
From satellite to video.
Watching every move.
They want to take control of you.
Intimidate! That's what fascists do.

Freedom gets in their way.
With freedom, we'll make them pay,
In the information age.

They got your cell calls, e-mails too.
They're keeping tabs on your suspicious views.
They'll get your details, records too and
Once collected, they can sell that too.

I think I know why they tell their special lies to elevate the fear.
The new regime is here and now it's time to make our stand.
The resistance starts with a counter plan.
It's time to bring them down.
It's time to make them pay.
Freedom is ours and cannot be taken away!

Freedom is ours today!
We must make them pay.
The regime it goes away,
In the information age!

Thanks to JimmyScrote for these lyrics

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