"Consumption Fix" lyrics


"Consumption Fix"

Pop culture fills and empty world. The consumption fix, really brings me down.
We have a drug, it’s the greatest thing, a simple cure for your problems.
It’s a brand new you with all your things. In the end, is it really true?

It’s the image that we feed, the image that you’ve seen.
The marketing machine is based on greed
So we plant the seeds, the growth of need and in the end you’ll be just like your friends!

Never fear. New credit is here. It will seem like you will never have to pay.
Rock and roll, bought, packaged and sold. Independence has been washed away.
They’ll compromise anything, then you buy hoping to fit in.

Why don’t you buy!
Try it!
Get it!
On credit!

Bringing you the latest, the newest and greatest.
The image that you want always starts with us.
They hype that you need, exploiting every need.
But in the end who will you be?
It’s a brand new you will all your things and in the end
Is it really true?

Thanks to Jimmyscrote for these lyrics

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