"Distance Makes The Heart Grow... Wings And Fly Away" lyrics


"Distance Makes The Heart Grow... Wings And Fly Away"

Maybe I was desperate for this.
Maybe I let it go too far So far my favorite mistake.
But I did it all for nothing set on fire self-destruct.
Aiming crosshairs to my heart I can see it coming now.
This ones gonna burn.

What if I was begging for this.
For now you turn your back on me.
I hope you fold I know you're bluffing.
And what if I could see right thru you.
Drop dead and look whose laughing now.
I hope you fold I know you're bluffing.

All our time was useless wasted every night and.
What if I could change to make it all work out.
And every time I try to care its never that you realize when.
I'm there hoping that you save me from this free fall down.

I wrote this for you
Hoping that you would give in
You always say remember the good times
You always say you've got a lot to give
But you're number one at giving up on me
Close your eyes Don't think twice

Remember the good times Always those good times baby
You better hope you die
Quicker than it takes you just to open up
Your eyes You should really get your wings clipped
Cause you're no angel This ones for fakers like you

Thanks to Jannick for these lyrics

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