"The Great Northern Disaster" lyrics


"The Great Northern Disaster"

I’m very sorry, I’m not home
Leave your name and message after the tone
I’ve been around here for too long
And still the conservation goes...

It’s raining again [x8]

I’m not sorry, I’m not home
Don’t call again, cuz I’m alone
Is it you, is it me?
Is this small town apathy?

Routine stuck, need to get away
You're paid on Friday, now you're dry by Monday
Eight to five, to stay alive
Looking forward to the weekend

Because you left school and you married young
Your kids are in care, now there’s a bad day
Gold watch - that’s all he got
Because he worked his life away

We got young boys with heads shaved
They got anger in their eyes
When violence is golden, you give, you receive
You need it to get

Now they're dragging and fighting and hating and kicking
And punching and screaming, they're wanting, they're needing
They're taking, they're hiding
They're lying and cheating
The conversation goes...

It’s raining again [x8]

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