"The Dark" lyrics


"The Dark"

We have not come here to avenge
And this is not an act of pretense
Stay close to a friend
It was on the edge he met his end

There’s a light out here into the dark
And a road that goes into the dark
Headlights in the dark
Coming down the road from the dark

Close the window, shut the shade
We don’t wanna stand on parade
The night outside has no pity
As we drive from city to city

And the road ahead goes into the dark
And while you sleep, we’re into the dark
On and on into the dark
Till all is gone from the dark

I stay awake, watch you sleep
It’s the underworld which I seek
And the lost boys are not lost
They’re all out here on a cross

And if you stay with me I’ll take you out of the dark
Down the road out of the dark
Don’t feel afraid, it’s only the dark
So take my hand I’ll lead you out of the dark

We have not come here to avenge [x4]

Thanks to millen for these lyrics

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