"Seas" lyrics



Her mouth opens wide, we are swallowed whole
Down inside the bowels we go
Her breath is pure gasoline

We find a light, we climb the stairs
We find a cabin there
Out of a maze of corridors

Inside my head is spinning round
Floating makes the strangest sound
The motors moan, we are out at sea

I hear a voice crackle on the wall
It tells me of my port of call
In a language I can't understand

I close my eyes, I try to sleep
With haunting noises from the deep
I surrender to the sea

I dream of young girls all around
Some lay with me, some looking down
Smiling, they don't say a word

They look like angels, oh so young
With silken hair, ashen spun
I reach out to see if they are real

I wake up, I'm all alone
I look around, but they are gone
The room smells of French perfume

The eye-shadow on my pillow bears
Lipstick traces, strands of hair
They tell me I surrendered to the sea

Surrender [x2]
Close your eyes, surrender to the sea

Thanks to Millen for these lyrics

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