"God Bless Amerikkka" lyrics


"God Bless Amerikkka"

We are on our way
This is America

We got an hour long show
New York Radio
Hey, then we play CBGB’s
Tell all the people to go

God bless America
We’re in the land of the free
God bless America
Hey don’t forget your ID

There's a shoot-out in town
So we’re not hanging around
Now we’re driving west
Hey, Chicago you’re the best

We hit Nashville
The band is in jail
We had to work all weekend
Trying to get their bail

God bless America
It’s the home of the brave
God bless America
Also home of the KKK

God bless America
We’re in the land of the car
God bless America
Toyota Hundog

God bless America
It’s the land of the jail
God bless America
Three strikes you’re out!

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