"Flood Of Lies" lyrics


"Flood Of Lies"

Happy New Year to you
Said the clock up on the wall
This is 1984
And the reaper's come to call
Said the fool to the wise man
Or was it the other way
But your heart is beating faster
And your pulse begins to race

It's a lie, I don't believe it
It is all been said before
But you better hold on tightly
This is 1984
While the rivers of hypocrisy
Are rising to full-flood
If you survive the waters
You're wading in the blood

A flood of lies
A flood of lies

All you political leaders
With your armies gone insane
You lust for guns and violence
While you never die in pain
And the churches stand behind you
With wealth and piety
When they empty their collection box
The guns fall at their feet

It's a flood of lies
It's a flood of lies

The religious and the righteous
Who believe all you say
They think their money saves the children
But it buys guns to blow 'em away
And the very same try to tell us
What happened to the youth
Why they take the money from the needy
Without giving even the truth

Now the rivers of hypocrisy
Are rising to full-flood
If you survived the waters
You'll be wading in the blood
So happy New Year to you
Chime the clocks again
If we survive this year
We'll make it to the end

A flood of lies
A flood of lies
Flood of lies
A flood of lies

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