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I ain't gonna work for no man
Ain't working for no boss
Ain't gonna work for [?]
That's working at a loss

Ain't gonna work for nothing
I'll break my back for you
I'm working for the angels
The ones that see me through

Oh wee-oh, working for the DB's [x2]

Ain't gonna work no night-shift
Work my fingers to the bones
I ain't gonna work part-time
I ain't gonna work at home

I ain't gonna dig no ditches
I'm working for the only ones
The ones that take me home

Oh wee-oh, working for the DB's [x2]

Working every hour, every minute of the day
Every moment God gives me I'm working like a slave
I'm working on an ideal, working overtime today
This work that I'm doing's gonna put me in my grave

Oh wee-oh, working for the DB's [x2]
Oh wee-oh [x3]
Working for the DB's

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