"Confrontation" lyrics



Run, run - This is confrontation street
Run, run - There ain’t nothing here but heat
Better take some cover
Close your windows and your doors
You’re gonna find yourself
On the wrong side of the law

All the government forces
Better run - tear gas bomb
Clear the streets, don’t panic
Better run - tear gas bomb

Fire bombs flashing on confrontation street
They’re burning, burning, burning down me street
Women and children running down the street
Passed bodies burning on confrontation street

Screams, shouts, panic
Run - tear gas bomb
There’s no more law and order
You better run, tear gas bomb

Run, run from confrontation street
Run, run, there’s killers on the street
Burnt out shops and houses on confrontation street
All the burnt out buses lying on the street

Screams, shouts, panic
Run - tear gas bomb
Here come the law enforcement forces
Better run, tear gas bomb

Tear gas bomb, tear gas bomb

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