"All Blurs Into One" lyrics


"All Blurs Into One"

Just another hazy day
Open the door, go out to play
What’s that coming down the street
Hey, there’s friends I got to meet
So I drive on down the road
Just to find a watering hole

Another sunny afternoon
Drinking beer and Tequila
My head’s starting to spin around
I can’t drive much further

We end up in a music bar
My head is feeling hazy
When the band begins to play
We get a little crazy

It all blurs into one

Don’t ask me the time of day
My memory fails me
I just don’t know what week it is
Or the time of year

Just one thing on my mind
And it’s there all the time
And it’s time for another beer

Next day I’m in the dark
Woke up in the park
Had a strange thing over my head
A wreath or two, they thought I was dead

Go home, have a shower
Being right as rain in just one hour
Is it ’77, is it 2001
I don’t care
I’m having too much fun

All blurs into one
It all blurs into one [x3]

All blurs into one [x4]

Thanks to millen for these lyrics

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