"÷8 X 5" lyrics


"÷8 X 5"

She sits by the window
I sit by the aisle
The hostess pours the drinks
With a practiced smile
We talk about sunshine
As we touch down
Now we are the foreigners
And you’re not around

Divide by eight, multiply by five [x2]

Counting kilometres
Trying to translate
Is this what I wanted?
This twist of fate
Watching people take pictures
With expensive cameras
Through dirty windows
Of foreign cars

Divide by eight, multiply by five [x4]

Playing with a calculator
I’m counting the cost
I feel so cheated
At every border cross
I’ll send you a postcard
I wish you were here
You think that I’m joking
I’ve never been more sincere

Divide by eight, multiply by five

Thanks to millen for these lyrics

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