"Try Not To Save Me" lyrics


"Try Not To Save Me"

Are you listening to anything I say?
I talk in between when you're looking away
And when I wonder what you're thinking when you stare into space
oh, oh
I tell you turn around take a look at yourself
You're always watching me to see if your head should hang down
woah, woah
Are you with me on anything at all?
No you're not alone
No its not all a dream
You know you have to reach inside
Gotta try to believe
Woah, oh
I wonder why I can
Why I go through it all
I know I love you and I don't want to let it all fall
woah, woah
Try not to save me
Just come home
Please come home
Try not to save me
Try not to care
I'm not the one
Try not to save me
Try not to care
All I ever wanted was to care
Try not to save me
Try not to care

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