"Olly Olly Oxen Free" lyrics


"Olly Olly Oxen Free"

You ran away last summer
And I've been missing you so much since then
I can't even concentrate on my work
On these high high days
So just come back to me just one day
And I'll be so pleased just to see your face
And I swear I won't try to get you back
I'll just stare at your beauty from below my hat

And I had a dream that you wanted me
You called my named from across the street
And it was no shock that I feel into a sleep
Add I didn't wake up for an entire week

And when I woke up I thought that
I lost everything that I'd been shot
It was just you standing over me
With your white dress on and your high heels
And I almost fainted again but I caught myself
And asked if you'd be my friend
And you nodded gently and said,
Boy you've got such a heartache for me I can tell
And that's when I got up out of bed
And threw my arms just around your neck
And you plated along and said boy you're such a sweettalker
Can we get married and live forever
And you said please don't ever leave me cause
I don't think I could last one week
And I promise that it could never be
and then you smiled and you began to sing

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