"Let's Go To Fiji" lyrics


"Let's Go To Fiji"

Oh NIGAC, there's many places that I still want to see
But you keep me from ever going there
Oh NIGAC sometimes I get lonely
And you don't help me help me at all
Cause there's feelings falling back
And there's places I'm trying to go
And the sun's all gone
And the moon keeps yelling, leave your home
And there's people all around me saying, why can't we just fucking let go
Oh can I please be free from all your problems
I really don't need them cause I swear I'm leaving and I'm not coming home
Oh I've been falling on my knees in prayer [?]
And I've been doing I've been doing just fine
And I've been thinking i can get away will all this
So I'm trying not to think too hard
And I've been thinking maybe you could a way to help me out of this
But I know you'd never go that far

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