"Connected Hearts" lyrics


"Connected Hearts"

I'm searching in the dark for connected hearts
But I don't see mine I don't see mine
Just sit here in the center on a stool that's too high
I'll wait for a line wait for a line
To direct me a path or something that will last

And there's a kid that I don't know
An idea I've outgrown
It's just lack of interest just lack of interest
So I'll stay in the back, brush the dirt form my knees
And just keep on walking just keep on talking
To the girl in the black hiding behind the mask

And it's okay to be alone when you're walking home in the dark
Because this is the time when a soul needs to leave to docks
And if the sidewalk or the street end below the your feet
Just keep on walking

And what you said to me it isn't right anymore
It's just bullshit that I take that I can't seem to ignore
And if I keep running will I get anywhere
Oh this war keeps running and people keep dying
But we know it's for the best isn't it
Yeah we know it's for the best isn't it

This map's so fucked up it got me lost again
I'm on the corner of despair and it says to go west but
That just leads me back to the friends that I lost
Yeah the chemicals they used that I'm not so fond of
But we know it's for the best ins't it
Yeah we know it's for the est isn't it

The future's got its problems and it's dead from the past
Our blood money and our fake lives truth is what we lacked
Deceptions rolled out leaks from the corners of our mouth
Let's just keep them tightly shut bury our heads in the ground

Cause we know it's for the best isn't it
Yeah we know it's for the best isn't it

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