"Baby Hands" lyrics


"Baby Hands"

Sometimes I think I think way too much for my own good
And other times I feel like I try to hard for things I will never touch
And lately I've been feeling like I have no control of places that will go
We all just keep spinning and revolving and reliving all these feelings that bring us hope
It's in this circle that I've never felt alone

I wonder where these lies goes when they die and why good people are so hard to find
My eyes dry up from being so tired and my ears go numb from all this noise
Well turn this around reverse the polarity and give your stereo a little bit more energy
If we die tonight we will live on and on and on
To these chords and these songs that bring us home

Sometimes my impulses override my consciousness and I do things I sometimes regret
Like the time that I told you that I had to be alone and I hadn't even found a good reason yet
And sometimes I feel you with my hands on the wheel telling me, baby don't go baby please don't go
But I tell myself it's nothing and I realize this is just somewhere I'm supposed to go
And it's in this circle that I've never felt alone

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