"Move Thru Me" lyrics


"Move Thru Me"

It's about time you break me in
And push me into the deep end.
Been walking the fence of emotion.
I need that super-motion.
Keep me from falling asleep;
A body that's stupid and weak.
Don't need that safe and sound,
Just flip my world. Let me feel it all go down.

Move thru me.
Be everything I see.
Move thru me.
Make my head ring.

It's about time you fix my head
Or let me go in pieces.
Been walking the fence of emotion,
I need that super-motion.
Just keep me, keep me
Keep me from falling asleep.
Giving me mind, giving me time,
Pushing out the walls from the inside.

Move thru me.
Be what I bleed.
Move thru me.
Make my head ring.

Make my head ring.

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