"Words Are Hard To Come By" lyrics


"Words Are Hard To Come By"

jaded by a town that turns childhood dreams into impossibilities, it’s time that i escape from what i am sure is hell, this place breeds ignorance and greed, and i know all women aren’t the same, but i’ve heard the same damn lines from so many of them that sometimes i lose myself. if i’m so god damn wonderful, then why am i impossible to love? if someone else could love me, then maybe i could love myself, but every woman that lies beside me just goes home to someone else, and man, it breaks my heart… but the curse that is a freedom fighter, aside from early death is that we are born to die alone, and the luxuries of liberty aren’t something that i will see, it’s a battle fought for all you careless souls, and it may seem sad and pointless when you’ll die along the way, but maybe death’s the freedom that i want… or maybe what i want’s a day that i don’t wake up on someone else’s couch wishing that i had a cigarette or a loaded gun, or a day that i don’t wake up all alone, or need drugs to put a smile on my face. yeah, life is pretty pointless now, and i’ve been searching for the point for about as long i can remember, and i’ve been too scared to say that i’m too lonely and depressed to set an example for anyone else. it’s sad to say i loathe myself a little bit more every day, but what did you expect from someone like me? the day i get gunned down by cops will be the day i learn honesty, and i’ll die with a grin upon my face ’cause i think that death’s all i’ve ever wanted, but right now, i won’t make that mistake. instead, i’ll keep my head up while i hitch to my next show, and when i get there, i’ll hope that it fucking explodes, and i’ll keep on preaching freedom til the day i alone, and when the words are hard to find, i will look within myself because if i am just a single man, then i can change the world, all i need is for you to be at my side, so, come and stand beside me, and together, we can scream toward in a world where we are born to be alive.

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