"Waking Up" lyrics


"Waking Up"

i’d like to say i could treat you like I treat myself, but that would probably be like shit. i wake up puking and shitting, and that’s only if i go to sleep. i’ve spent almost half of my life sleeping on other people’s couches or floors or lying to different women in their beds. yeah, i’ve had a couple of jobs, but i piss all my money on booze and drugs… at least i’m man enough to support my own addictions, but lately i’ve been thinkin’ that this life is getting old, and i’ve got to change myself if i want to change the world. so, if i break free tomorrow, from these shackles and these chains in which i have placed myself, then, i promise not to follow in the footsteps that i have been. i need nothing but myself… i’d like to say i could lead you, but i can’t even lead myself to the driveway, i’m slipping in puddles and tripping on stairs. how much did i take? oh, plus, i don’t believe in leaders anyway. it’s just another way to say that i’m in charge of you, and if someone who’s as pathetic as me can do it on his own, then i assure you, so can you.

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