"The World Is Our Playground" lyrics


"The World Is Our Playground"

well, i’ve been drowning in a bottle for so god damn long and busking for cash just to catch my next high, and i’ve been eating so much garbage, trash is all i talk, so i’m sorry if you believe some of my lies because it’s not that i am heartless, but i am a little cheap, and i’m just a little jaded toward the world beneath my feet because the things that i find beautiful end up as cheap as me, and i’m disgusted with myself for my insecurities. like that time that i shot morphine and pushed the plunger in too fast, i hit my head upon the floor seeking out something that lasts. so, i wander, and i roam worth no destination known, and it really doesn’t matter that i’ve no place to call home. i guess it doesn’t matter that i wake up all alone in the ground puking up bile next to everything i own because the longer that i’m running, the longer i’ll be free from the debt that’s been stacked up and sent in bills to me. i refuse to get another job working for someone else where someone tells me what to do like i can’t think for myself, and it’s barely just enough to pay the bills i have to share or else i exploit others just to climb some corporate stairs. i’ve got friends across the country, and they live out in the woods, and they live self- sufficiently in hidden neighbourhoods. we’re all yearning for freedom. we’re all fighting for peace. we’re all hoping for a day when we’re our own police. we are our own police…

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