"South Country Autumn" lyrics


"South Country Autumn"

the cool, crisp air has come and filled my lungs. there’s nothing like the south country autumn. leaves of red and orange just fall right off the trees, and below the starlit sky, i find something in me… a beat of inspiration drums within my broken heart as i’ve grown up to find that freedom is my art, and as the banjo plays, i’m content within myself. there’s nothing better than finding a cool breeze in hell. you know, there were a few years when i’d forgottem who i was, and i compromised my ideals for what i thought was love, and out of desperation, i sold myself short as i lied to myself about what was comfort. well, i woke up one day, and i realized what i’ve done, i’ll say i’m out to change for fear of what i will become, but i can’t promise you it won’t happen again, ’cause i’ve promised myself not to make false statements.

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