"Song For The Speechless" lyrics


"Song For The Speechless"

i am not a beast, nor am i a saint, but if i told you that i’m full of broken promises, would you believe a word i say? sincerity is dead, and i’m just as dead as it, but if you look inside of me, all that you’ll find is a living hypocrite. you know, i’d tell you how i really felt if i could answer that myself. the truth is that i tell too many lies, and i’ve convinced myself that i am nothing but a piece of shit, and that’s the reason that i’m never satisfied, but i’m hoping for a day when the anger and the pain, it will subside… but i get used a lot by everyone i know, and maybe being used by those i care about is punishment for using those i don’t, but if people weren’t so heartless, they would probably realize that i care much more than they could ever know. i guess that first impressions stick, and that’s a god damn shame because i care too much by the time it starts to show, but i’m hoping for a day when i can keep my feelings under control. i’ve still so much to say but can never find the words. the irony that is my life is by the time i do, it will be too late to be heard… and there’s probably a reason no one ever fucking listens, so, just please ignore everything that i say because i know that i am just another crazy fucking person in this world with too much time to think, but i’m hoping for a day when i can collect my thoughts enough to speak… or maybe sing.

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