"Living By Example" lyrics


"Living By Example"

I once said I'd teach the children all the things they shouldn't hear, but I guess that I was lying because I was living in fear. See, our world is changing right before our very eyes. These kids, they are our future; we should protect their lives. Instead, you buy them clothes with peace signs sold in corporate shops which are made by other children. man, this shit has got to stop. 'Cause while your kid's fat from McDonald's, there are kids bloated from white rice, and ya know they're still starving because it's bleached of nutrients. so, maybe we should teach the kids to grow their own food, and share it with the people that help in their neighborhoods. See, I woke up on a school bus in Lafayette, TN after pouring my guts into a cooking pot; dopesickness killing me, but I got help from some dirty kids I barely knew. The best thing that they taught me was I should shut up and do. So, then I went off traveling, hitching across the south, and I'm disgusted by the ignorance which spews from people's mouths. They may say that there's no class war, but they're lying through their teeth. I've seen kids go to jail for having nowhere to sleep. I may wake up tomorrow lying beneath another bridge, but I'll still give you anything if I've anything to give because we can still set examples, even when we've nothing left, maybe then we can start building a new world, and if we can stand together as the role models we should be, maybe all the kids will start to learn...and maybe we can learn from children things they can't learn from us like how to trust each other and unconditional love. Take what we can from that, and instead of teaching through fear, we can make sure to remind them that there's no danger near. I've taken rides from strangers way more times than I can count, and ya that if I hadn't I probably wouldn't be around to tell the stories that I tell you that are all so very true and something tells me there's something that I am meant to do. Maybe that's just that i'm still living while these kids I know are dying off, and it saddens me so much that life takes the best of us. so, maybe we should stop selling drugs to all these kids, and start showing them we can change things if we change how we live, and ya know that we're all guilty of nihilistic thoughts, but maybe right now's the time for more positive plots. Maybe we can make the future a much simpler life, if we could all just pitch in to be the guiding light.

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