"Hope's Couch" lyrics


"Hope's Couch"

so, i’ve been wandering around this hell trying to find my peace, but i just get drunk and go to sleep, and i’ll admit that at times, i forgot your age. petulant and sleep deprived, this whole thing was a surprise, but you know that i lied to myself before i ever lied to you about the things i said that day. i think that is just because i refused to admit to myself that i really felt that way. don’t you know denial’s just another word for i don’t believe a fucking word i say? i am not quite sure how i fell for your lies. maybe it’s because we were up for days. i think that it was just the meth talking, but when you said that you love me, i had to know if it was true. maybe it was more than fair because i did more than pretend to care. as you lay there in my arms, i lay there lying to you… but on our final night, we cried and screamed during the fight that put us in the place that we are now… still, i pushed and pushed and pushed, and since i couldn’t shut my mouth, i went from sleeping on grace’s bed every night to on hope’s couch.

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