"Begging's For Bums" lyrics


"Begging's For Bums"

so, you think this is new to me? well, i’ve got some news for you. there’s not a thing you can do to me that i’ve not already done. in my contempt for my own heartbeat, i’ve fallen into an endless cycle of self destruction and discontent from which i can’t seem to escape, and i know that everything i feel is just inside my head, but if i don’t jerk off twice a day, i’ll want to shoot myself; i think that i miss them, but i realize that it’s just my loneliness. if i can breath, then, i can stand up on my own. ya know those bums that you see begging out in the streets? well, that’s not where i’ll be found. i’ll be standing on the street corner screaming my lungs out for change, armed with my wooden ax and a shroud of hope that if you stand beside me, it will come, but what i’m really hoping for is a day that the world doesn’t need cops, and we can all just stand together, and if someone tries to take our shit away, we have each other to stand up and fight for what we believe. so, come and stand beside me, and together we will can live on our own. We can live on our own.

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