"Kill Everyone" lyrics


"Kill Everyone"

yeah, yeah let's kill everyone

something went wrong around the time i turned three
every week got worse consecutively
alarm clock rings and it don't take long
before you know it i'm doing something wrong
something wrong but it feels alright
it's a feeling i just can't fight
i may be wrong but i think i'm right
mommy can i go out and kill tonight

yeah, yeah let's kill everyone

it's not my fault it's against my will
i've got a crawlspace i need to fill
my girlfriend tells me that it's okay
i keep her in the freezer and she never goes away
i'm the victim here i'm not to blame
opened up the phone book and saw your name
you're not so great, in fact you suck
today i skipped my medicine you're shit outta luck

yeah, yeah let's kill everyone

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