"Forget Everything" lyrics


"Forget Everything"

she's talking about i guess i forgot
i guess i should've taken me a snapshot
was it a bloodclot too much electric shock
did i get hit in the head with a rock in a sock
was it a [?] a blank or a bad decision
a self-inflicted aneurism
it's all forgot and my brain is rotten

i forgot everything, forget about it, i can do without it
yeah ain't it sweet to be incomplete

somebody's dyin' somebody's dead
somebody's gonna get shot in the head
i can't remember anymore everything's such a bore
i don't care anymore everything's such a bore
something to do but i guess i forgot
doesn't matter cos i'd rather hang out in the parking lot
sipping' budweiser out of 7ounce cans
sittin' on a milk crate in front of a fan

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