"Homeward Bound" lyrics


"Homeward Bound"

there's a place down south that
i dream about where the sun shines all year round
the waving wheat through the fields
and the home cooked meals
you can sleep right on the ground

homeward bound, I'm homeward bound
to my ears such a sweet, sweet sound
I had my head up in the clouds,
now my feet are on the ground
oh lord I'm homeward bound

it's a long hard road and it warms my soul,
to know that I'm almost there
as the day come to a close
I'll have that grass between my toes
and the wind blowin' through my hair

you can smell it in the air, it's the Kitsap County Fair,
can't ya hear em' holler and shout
I got a plan that just can't lose,
I'm gonna drink up all the booze
and then they'll have to carry me out

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