"Thanks For Nothing" lyrics


"Thanks For Nothing"

Who do you think you are?

Next time you have a thought keep it to yourself
You should know by now you’re opinions no good here
It goes in one ear and right out the other
No one cares what you say I don’t know why you bother

I’ve thought it over there’s no getting through to you
It’s no mistake
You can’t make me something I’m not

I’ve seen the way that you look when I turn away
I’ve learned I can’t trust a word you say
So keep your opinions to yourself

Who are you to say what’s best for me
I’ll do this on my own
Even if it kills me

Lie to my face
Tell me you cared
But all along I know you weren’t there

You won’t spit in my face
I swear I’ll put you in your place


Who do you think you are?

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