"Loose Cannon" lyrics


"Loose Cannon"

This is a warning to you
And everyone you know
Just pray I never see you face to face
And believe me when I say
This is the last time (This is the last time)

Spreading lies about me won’t make you any better
You’re outnumbered, Nobody’s on your side
You don’t stand a chance

Don’t pick a fight that you know you won’t win
You brought a knife to a gunfight
You’ll regret getting under my skin
You don’t know the danger you’re in

Before you turn this into a competition, check who’s in the lead
I swear you’re fucking deluted, to think you could ever beat me

If it’s a fight you want, than it’s a fight you’ll get
Don’t say anything that you might regret

Nobody listens to what you say
Just keep your voice down
We’re on our way out of here
You’ll never leave this town

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