"Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst" lyrics


"Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst"

I’ll be the first one to say
That I’m not everything that you think I am
Tear myself down every day
And make it harder for you to get the best of me
I’ll find my limits and I’ll surpass them all
I know the higher you climb is further they get to watch you fall

For my entire life I’ve had it driven into my brain
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
Because you can’t count on anyone but yourself
The moment you’re satisfied is the moment you lose the game
The power to control my destiny belongs to me and no one else

Feels like I’ve always got somebody breathing down my neck
They’ll try to bring me down to build themselves up any chance then get
They’re using me as a stepping stone for their own selfish gain
Why can’t they just do it on their own instead of taking advantage of my name


Give me all your hate!
Give it to me I can take it
You won’t make a name by cursing mine
Take your best shot and make it count
I’ll come back every time


Where is your progress?
What do you have to show for this?
Where is your progress?
Your life is emptiness

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