"Dommy Ulrich" lyrics


"Dommy Ulrich"

Lets go out it's time to leave this place
This is our town now why did we have to go down
This road so far so far away from here
It’s a scary thing to leave the place you know
But you know (it’s our time to) go…

Every night I lye awake do you still think
Of me now if not that’s ok
Are you still with me now?
Its your choice not mine
So I’m letting you go
I’m letting you go tonight…

Letting you go tonight

Circumstances forcing me to leave this town
It’s not my fault I don’t want to go
Don’t want to leave this place everything so perfect
But it's time to fly and I hope you know,
You know (it's our time to) go…



[Chorus x2]

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