"So Awake" lyrics


"So Awake"

So now you've gone and stole my heart.
And all my friends are wondering,
what happened to me?
But I'm sure they'll understand
when they seehow happy your love has made me.
It was something about the way you looked at me,
when you said youhad to go away,
he I knew in my heart that everything
was gonna be okay.
I don't think of anyone but you
when you're not around.
It's four A.M., but I'm not sleeping.
My mind keeps running back to you.
I just left you, and I already miss you,
do I keep you up too?
I can't stop thinking about all those
days we'd waste away.
And I never felt so good as I did,
when I left your house that day.
But now there's so much that gets in our way.
Well I just want you to know,
that I still love you just the same.
Do I keep you up too?
Do I keep you up too?

Thanks to emo mcteemerton for these lyrics

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