"Disappear" lyrics



Keep up this everyday is Saturday attitude,
and hope the work just disappears.
If I don't lift a finger long enough,
everyone is bound to forget about me.
Excuses come to me so easily. It's so easy these days.
Champion of the excuse.
Maybe I can keep this one up long enough
for everyone to just forget about me.
I'm looking back, straight back,
tell me now who chose the right road?
Me, or that that kid whose a success.
Maybe I found something tht I found more enjoyable,
something known as happiness.
So pull the needles from your eyes,
because being out of my mind is being out of sight,
and I'll be slipping by just fine.
So just forget about me,
because I'm done with your world
and I'm moving on to my dreams.

Thanks to emo mcteemerton for these lyrics

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