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Taking your time trying to find your way, no knowledge that you've been led astray. Theyre holding you down with claws of love. Keep you from saying what you're thinking of. What have you done? Your life isn't for you anymore. Where have you gone? Your old self is easy to ignore. You surrendered. Just follow the path they've laid out. You pretend to be happy. I want you back so I'll point out: This is not about our future, it's about what we do now. Nothing is more real than life, and you have the right to be yourself in the crowd. I will miss you. I'm not good enough for you. No spring in your step. Your shining fire has been put out. Sealed yourself in. Nothing can affect your thick skin. I can't get through to you, and now you'll never learn anything new. You look around, creativity dead. You're missing out on the blued and red. Youre fucking blind! your brain has been immersed in whitewash.

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